Rather Severe 

Jon Stommel + Travis Czekalski 

May 2016 | Conscience Bay Company, Boulder, CO 

And Art Space and Conscience Bay Company are thrilled to present a new mural project in the west corridor of 929 Pearl Street by Portland, Oregon based artists Rather Severe. Over the course of one month in May 2016, artists Jon Stommel and Travis Czekalski have contributed their creative vision to an unadorned wall between two buildings on west Pearl Street. Curated and organized by And Art Space and funded by Conscience Bay Company, the project’s ultimate goal was to bring creative energy and vitality to an area that had previously held a view of the Flatirons and foothills of Boulder. After recent development of the property at 9th and Pearl, offices in the 929 building were now facing a large blank wall. Conscience Bay Company saw this wall as a canvas and an opportunity to give back to the community through the creation of a large-scale arts mural.

Being just out of public view, but accessible for those who know where to look, the mural acts as a “secret” destination for art lovers and street art hunters. The new mural installation provides inspiration and a sense of place for the Pearl street office community as well as the whole West Pearl business area.

All Photography by Forde Photo.